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Modular Flexible LED Module Curved Cylindrical Wavy 360 °

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Modular Flexible LED Module


Curved Flexible LED Module

Product Description

Flexible LED Module, High-End Technology, Cost-Saving, Widely Applicable

1. The flexible LED module is an innovative design of high-end technology, which saves costs and is widely applicable to irregular shapes such as circles and columns. Can make any surface, suitable for artistic modeling, personalized stage design, exhibition hall, indoor conference room, etc.

2. Flexible LED module adopts modular design and magnetic design, which is more reliable, stable and convenient for front desk maintenance. High grayscale, high refresh rate, no image delay, ghosting.

3. Flexible LED module is one of the innovative ultra-thin products. It completely breaks through traditional heavy cabinets and can be used in any complex installation environment.

4. The flexibility of the flexible LED module allows bending in any way. It can create a curved, cylindrical, wavy 360 ° circle or any other shape, and designers can imagine flexible LED modules that are more customizable and creative designs than traditional projects.

With good flexibility, it can be bent and fun in the form of fast power and data connectors for your custom solutions. By connecting modules in a fixed frame or cabinet with flexible modules, you can easily reach different shape LED display.

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