Flexible LED Display Screen
Flexible LED Display Screen
Flexible LED Display Screen
Flexible LED Display Screen
Flexible LED Display Screen
Flexible LED Display Screen

Wind Series offers outstanding performance with its real flexibility. The unique design contributes to the horizontal and vertical deformed bending installation, making it possible to achieve “S”shaped, round, concave, convex and curved screen. The special soft PCB board design allows Wind series being ever-changing,no matter if you would want concave shape in a concert now,and cylinder LED display in a supermall tomorrow,even would provide a touring show for a stage 2 days later,it will be easily done by Wind Series . It is easy to assemble,solid and stable, and have indoor and oudoor version for option. It becomes the best solution for your rental application and fixed-installation.

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Flexible LED Display

Model No Wind-3 Wind-4/Wind O-4 Wind-6/Wind O-6 Wind-9/Wind O-9 Wind-12/Wind O-12
Pixel Pitch P3.125mm P4.6875 mm P6.25 mm P9.375 mm P12.5mm
LED Type 1515SMD 2020SMD/1921SMD 2020SMD/2727SMD 2727SMD 2727SMD
Density 102400 Pixels/㎡ 45512 Pixels/㎡ 25600 Pixels/㎡ 11378 Pixels/㎡ 6400 Pixels/㎡
Refresh Rate 3,840Hz 3,840Hz 3,840Hz 3,840Hz 3,840Hz
Brightness 1200 Nits 1200 Nits/5000 Nits 1200 Nits/5000 Nits 1200 Nits/5000 Nits 1200 Nits/5000 Nits
Ingress Protection Level 43 43/65 43/65 43/65 43/65
Panel Size 800mm*400mm 1200mm*600mm 1200mm*600mm 1200mm*600mm 1600mm*800mm
Customized Available
Module Resolution 256 x 128 256 x 128 192 x 96 192 x 96 192 x 96
Weight 17.5kg/㎡ 17.9kg/㎡ 17.5kg/㎡ 17.5kg/㎡ 17.2kg/㎡
Scan Mode 1/16 Scan 1/16 Scan 1/8 Scan 1/8 Scan│1/4 Scan 1/8 Scan│1/2 Scan
Max. Power Consumption 800 W /㎡ Indoor: 700 W /㎡
Outdoor:830 W/㎡
Indoor: 700 W /㎡
Outdoor:830 W/㎡
Indoor: 300 W /㎡
Outdoor:600 W/㎡
Indoor: 200 W /㎡
Outdoor:600 W/㎡
Avg. Power Consumption 267 W/㎡ Indoor: 230W /㎡
Indoor: 230 W /㎡
Outdoor:280 W/㎡
Indoor: 100 W /㎡
Outdoor:200 W/㎡
Indoor: 80 W /㎡
Outdoor:200 W/㎡
Viewing Angle 120°
Working Voltage DC 5V
Input Voltage AC 100-240V
Working Temperature -40~50℃
Thickness 7.0cm (With Electronic Box) 1.3cm (
Without Electronic Box)

Wind Series Wind Series Wind Series

Q1: What is your lead time? A: Under the normal condition, sample order for 3-7 working days, regarding mass order, if we have available raw material,the lead time will around 12-15 working days. Otherwise, it will be 20 days. For customized product, it needs 35~45 days.   Q2: What is your payment method? A: Our usually practice for payment is by T/T for the mass order and also we do L/C at sight.   Q3: What is warranty? A: We have two-years warranty. Within two years, we offer free spare parts and any technical supporst. After two years, we also offer any tehncial supports and ask for some cost for the replacing spare parts.   Q4: What is your shipping and packing way? A: We usually do wooden case or flight case according to your need. For the mass order ( fit for a container), we do shipment by Sea and for others usually by express or airline.   Q5: Can I place a sample order before i decide to do the mass production? A: Yes, we acceptable sample orders led display, please let us know your detail request then we will send you the sample asap for confirmation.   Q6: Can I have a free sample? A: We offer free sample for some models, please advise what you need to see if we have available free samples here to be sent.   Q7: How to install led display? A: We will provide drawing of steel structure or hanging truss or metal structure and design the solution then you can install led display very easy.



If you have questions regarding flexible LED displays, or want to know more about the Flex Series, Jade Series, Line Series, Shine Series, Wind Series, welcome to contact us!

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IKE Visual provides indoor and outdoor Flexible LED Displays, soft LED panels and Flexible LED Modules. It is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of the best quality ranges of LED Displays in the market. We aim for a lightweight structure that is convenient in both replacement and installation.

Features of Flexible LED Panel


Flexible LED Panel is capable of bending into a convex or a concave, as well as other shapes.

Smooth Transition

  • The arc of the LED Display is smooth and creaseless while embracing great pliability.
  • Lightweight and convenient for delivery and easy to install
  • Installation method available: Magnetic or screw mounting.

Easy to maintain

LED Display is easy to maintain and is available at affordable prices.

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