Jade Series

  • Die-casting Aluminum Cabinet LED Display
    Die-casting Aluminum Cabinet LED Display Model No. Jade-1 Jade-2 Jade-3/JadeO-3 Jade-4 / JadeO-4 Jade-6 / JadeO-6 Pixel Pitch P1.875mm P2.5mm P3.91mm P4.81mm P6.25mm LED Type SMD1515 SMD2121 2020SMD 2121SMD 2727SMD Brightness 1000 Nits 1000 Nits 1000 Nits/5000Nits 1000 Nits/5000Nits 1000 Nits/5000Nits Density 284444 Pixels/㎡ 160000 Pixels/㎡ 65536 Pixels/㎡ 43222 Pixels/㎡…
  • Flexible LED Display Screen
    Flexible LED Display Model No Wind-3 Wind-4/Wind O-4 Wind-6/Wind O-6 Wind-9/Wind O-9 Wind-12/Wind O-12 Pixel Pitch P3.125mm P4.6875 mm P6.25 mm P9.375 mm P12.5mm LED Type 1515SMD 2020SMD/1921SMD 2020SMD/2727SMD 2727SMD 2727SMD Density 102400 Pixels/㎡ 45512 Pixels/㎡ 25600 Pixels/㎡ 11378 Pixels/㎡ 6400 Pixels/㎡ Refresh Rate 3,840Hz 3,840Hz 3,840Hz 3,840Hz 3,840Hz Brightness …
  • Transparent LED Window Display Screen
    Transparent Video Wall Model No. Shine-3/Shine O-3 Shine-5/Shine O-5 Shine-7/Shine O-7 Shine-10/ Shine O-10 Pixel Pitch X:3.9/Y:7.8125mm X:5.21/Y:10.42mm X:7.8/Y:7.8mm X:10.42/Y:10.42mm LED Type 2020SMD/1921SMD 2020SMD/2727SMD 2020SMD/2727SMD 2020SMD/2727SMD Brightness 1500 Nits/4500 Nits 1500 Nits/6000 Nits 1500 Nits/6000 Nits 1500 Nits/6000 Nits Density 32768 Pixels/㎡ 18432 Pixels/㎡ 12288 Pixels/㎡ 9216 Pixels/㎡ Transparency 50%…
  • Pixel Strip LED Display
    Pixel Strip LED Display Model No Line-15 Line-20 Line-25/Line O-25 Line-30/Line O-30 Line-50/Line O-50 Pixel Pitch P15.6mm P20mm P25mm P31.25mm P50mm LED Type SMD3535 SMD3535 SMD3535/DIP SMD3535/DIP SMD3535/DIP Brightness 1500 Nits 1500 Nits 1500 Nits/4500 Nits 1500 Nits/4500 Nits 1500 Nits/4500 Nits Density 4109 Pixels/㎡ 2500 Pixels/㎡ 1600 Pixels/㎡ 1024…
  • Soft LED Module Rubber Display
    Soft Rubber LED Display Model No. Flex-1.5 Flex-2.5 Flex-3.0 Flex-4.0 Flex-5.0 Flex O-3 Pixel Pitch P1.5625mm P2.5mm P3.076mm P4.0mm P5.0 P3.81mm LED Type 1212SMD 1515SMD 2020SMD 2020SMD 2020SMD 1921SMD Brightness 1000nits 1000nits 1000nits 1000nits 1000nits 4500nits Density 409,600 pixels/㎡ 160,000 pixels/㎡ 111,111 pixels/㎡ 62,500 pixels/㎡ 40,000 pixels/㎡ 68,644 pixels/㎡ Refresh…
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