How much does an LED video wall cost?

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It's the frequently commonly asked question among people: How much does an LED video wall cost? Particularly, when people are attracted by the visual feast created by our LED video wall at the trade, LED video wall prices often revolve around the sales and the customers. Here are some reference factors to be considered before finalizing the price. Let's analyze it below.

  1. LED screen body quote:
    Generally, the LED display manufacturer usually quotes at XX yuan per square meter. The LED wall price will be subject to multiple factors, including the cost of the screen composed of the LED die, LED module, IC driver chip, module power supply, overall display size, pixel density, etc.
  2. Control system cost:
    That is, the number of full-color LED displays receiving cards and sending cards. This is mainly based on the size of the display screen, which requires separate accounting.
  3. Cost of auxiliary equipment:
    Power distribution cabinet, computer, audio amplifier, air conditioner, multi-function control card, lightning arrester, TV card and LED video processor, etc. Of course, some of these equipment users can also prepare their own equipment, and of course, they don’t need to use the equipment.
    4. Display playback software:
    Including computer system software, as well as LED video playback software for display screen playback, etc., our company will give it away for free.
  4. Steel frame structure cost:
    It is used to fix and install the bracket of the full-color LED display, including the calculation of manual installation costs. The cost of a steel frame column structure is higher than that of a wall-mounted steel frame structure, including manual installation costs. (It is recommended that the manufacturer provide the steel frame structure design drawings for free, and the customer finds a local manufacturer to make it. The cost is not only low, but it is also easy to install.)
    6. Shipping costs:
    Estimate shipping cost depending on the shipping distance.


As referenced beforehand, there are many factors that can impact LED video wall costs. We need to finalize these reference factors to get the final LED wall price. General LED video wall projects usually have a budget between US$50,000 and US$350,000. If you want to know the cost of the project, you can ask for a quote.



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