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Creative Solution:

Wind Series/Shine Series/Jade Series/Line Series

IKE Visual provides diverse solutions for Entertainment, Advertisement, Architectural and other creative applications. Our solutions always make an impact with your innovative ideas. Whatever your stage design and whatever the application, our professional ability ensures the solution that are special, flexible and reliable. We are a creative group that specialises in designing LED displays. IKE Visual LED displays have creativity, ease-of-use, durability and visual excellence.

Flexibilty and customized service allows your stage and architectural aesthetics to have a perfect performance. We are dedicated to providing quality service with an attentive and friendly approach. We make sure each and every project gets our loving attention from start to finish.

For your need, the arc-shaped installation, lightweight structure, different screen body color, iregular shapes screen, etc., we can help you to achieve. So far, we have developed various creative LED display for our clients, such as cubic LED display, triangle LED display, circular LED display, LED Christmas tree and ribbon shape LED display etc,

We can catch the point with the attractive designs and comforts our client to engage with their customers to give the impressive solution quickly. We provide continuous support to our clients to win any innovative projects.